parameters: BA=148sq.m., BUA=237sq.m.
year: 2013

Situated in urban suburbs, the house gives shelter to our family and sets up a home for our kids. The simplified and discharged from excess design is an attitude to the significance of the Man in distinction from the material. The most important feature of a home is the opportunity for personal expression. That is why we found it appropriate that the house doesn’t have definite style or time, that it belongs to. Based on a limited budget, the building has to cope with sufficiency of all kind. This regards to both size and number of rooms as well as means of expression. Priorities remain high energy efficiency and quality building materials. The complicated relief of the site, both tricky and motivating, is favorable to integrating the house into the area. That is why, rooftops transform into landscape elements. The attitude of the building to the environment is also emphasized by all the french windows, turning the rooms into covered terraces, without using excessively big glazing.
The house is situated at the back side of the land, leaving front south yard and nicely sun lighted interior spaces. Parking spaces (instead of a garage at the beginning) are planned near the street. Functionally, all living spaces are oriented to the south towards the yard, and all sanitary – to the north.