project: LIBRARY
parameters: BA=798sq.m., BUA=2994sq.m.
year: 2012

Main goal of the project is integrating the building into its surroundings. The existing park remains as a priority. The library plays the role of its screen and is tangent to its main direction. Analyzing the pedestrian traffic it draws to a conclusion that the park is transition type. That is why the project aims to preserve this transition and at the same time to “slow it down”, organizing the main entrance to the building.

The chosen exterior look, as a result of the situational arguments, is one simple prism. This form supports the correct lighting and energy efficiency of the building. The tall side of the prism has south orientation and is projected as a “Trombe wall”. All the other surfaces have north, north-east, and north-west orientation. With the help of sun shading elements the structure gets maximum indirect sunlight, which is one of the main goals of library buildings. Their material is based on local and traditional element – the “Jukbuin”, also known as “bamboo wife”. Its characteristic structure is suitable for sun shading net. Nevertheless, the material can be changed during time, so the building acquires different look.

Main characteristic feature is the gallery type of the general collection room. It is a result of the form of the building, and this way the library receives more open type functional scheme. Thus the general collection room group is located on the three galleries alongside with the stockroom and some information services. On the ground floor is the culture and lifelong study space, the office part and the main hall. On the basement floor is located the garage and the maintenance space.